Does your child enjoy a fantasy world of knights, princesses, castles and  quests?  Welcome to our Medieval Knight Show in which a mischievous Dragon has stolen a precious mirror and sword from an enchanted  castle!  Two jesters are looking for a child to undertake an  exciting quest to retrieve these treasures.  But the Birthday Child cannot do it alone.  Lots of help will be needed from other  members of the audience!  What will happen when they match wits  with the mysterious Guardian of the Forest?  How will they trick  the Black Knight into letting them continue their journey? And  what will happen when they finally meet up with the fiery Dragon? 

This lively and funny show consists of 2 Costumed Performers, a Dragon Puppet and lots of Audience Participation.

Ideal for boys and girls ages 5-7

A Whale of a Tale

Ahoy mayeys! Will and Willa are two Pirates setting off to find treasure on  the high seas. But they need a hearty crew to sail with them.  Any  volunteers? Let's board the ship, learn how to talk Pirate talk and catch some fish for Swashbucklin' Stew. It's time to hoist the  sails and join a lively cast of characters, including a joke -loving  dolphin, a mysterious mermaid, and a fiery volcano. Will the ship  survive a hurricane?  What is in store for Will when he gets  trapped on a remote island?  Can the cast and crew work together to make wishes come true?  All hands on deck for a voyage full of  suspense, laughter and treasure!


This entertaining and hilarius show has 2 Costumed Performers, Sea Puppets, a talking Volcano, and lots of Audience Participation. 

Ideal for boys and girls 5-7



Invite Beauty and the Beast to your next Birthday Party! The show features  wonderfully crafted puppets: Beauty, the Beast, the Prince and  Enchantress and an old Woman. Two professional actors and puppeteers  guide the children through a variety of roles

The children make the story come alive by playing trees in an enchanted  forest and enchanted objects in the Beast's Castle. They will build a  pretend Library and dance with streamers at a celebration for Beauty.

This show is beautifully crafted and colorful with lots of audience participation. Based on the original French story.

Ideal for boys and girls ages 4-7


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